Choice with Searchbar

Hello, just wanted to know if we could offer a choice with search bar?

Hi @Rocooo,

Apps already have this if the items count is above 9! :

In Pages this not possible at the moment as far as I’m aware but until Glide adds that you can do something like this : Search Choice in Pages workaround - Google Drive

In Pages it’s possible too! ( when the items count is above 6 ) Check the below post by Darren!

Thank you

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Actually, it is :wink:


Cool! Just noticed! Thanks Darren! Updated the post!

@Hani_Ibrahim awesome right?

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Without doubt. It is great.

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I have been forced to spend the last month escalating the hard process of learning bubble.

To be honest, it is not hard learning as process since i spent the last 7 months learning several no code platforms including glide, but the hardest step -for me at least- was building the UI from scratch.

I avoided using the templates since it is flooded my project with many items.

I built the basic elements already in bubble including the search as you type function.

Glide is really awsome platform but it is not the ideal solution for open ended database and Glide CEO’s stated that clearly.

I really would like to thank ALL of the community members for supporting and teaching me what i know now about the marvellous Glide app.

Honestly thank you. i would really recommend Glide to my friends for a fast startup projects. Actually i did already😎


Thank you very much!


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