Drop down category menu and search box - is it possible?

Hi all

I’ve just started using Glide. It’s amazing what it can do in such a simple way.

But, is there a better way for users to search your data?

I’d like to see a search box and connected to it a drop down menu that lets users choose which sheet of data they would like to search - e.g. cafes, bars or restaurants.

Currently, from what I can see, they can only click on one of those topics / tabs - which will deliver them possibly hundreds of records - and then search the data to filter the results down.

I’d like users to be able to skip loading hundreds of records and do the search from a home screen by, as I said, choosing a sheet of data from a drop down menu and then adding a search term.

If I’m being stupid and this can already be done, I’d really appreciate some advice on how to do it.


Something like this: https://filteredlist.glideapp.io :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You should make that app copyable. Some good stuff there. :wink:


I second motion that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies.

That’s almost it, Robert.

I was more after users being able to choose a category and do a filtered search based on that category without having to load a whole load of listings.

I’m presuming with the example you gave, if you replace color with the cafe example I gave and on the cafe sheet it had hundreds of listings, they would load below the tab and then users would have to then do their filtered search.

I want to get away from hundreds of listings having to be loaded - I’m thinking about how it might perform in the future when I hopefully have that many! :slight_smile:

As you can almost do it, as per your example, I presume it’s very much possible for developers to provide that option in the future hopefully.

Out of interest, how did you get the colour, fruit, vegetable category tabs at the top of the page?


Just made it copyable. Enjoy!


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The category tabs at the top of the page is the new view for the Choice component. Based on your additional info, would you like NO results to appear until users have entered in the filters? That’s possible. At this time—as far as I understand—Glide doesn’t support pagination of inline lists.


I’m interrested to know how did you map the inline choice component with the inline list!
I couldn’t copy the app like is discribe here! I could only share it.
Could you share the google sheet or made the app copyable ?

Thank you

The choice component sets a value in the sheet. That value is then used to create a relation column that links the value to a matching set of values in another sheet. The relation column is used for the inline list. Check out the Dynamic List Filter example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/. It’ a bit more complex because it filters by multiple choice components, but follows the same concept.

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