As-you-type style search in multi choice

Hello to every one, a new born at glide here.

i am coming from appsheet to discover new possibilities with glide.

My Question:

How to search a multi choice list at form ( as-you-type style)

i have a long list of products and categories. it would be hard for the user to search visually for the right product among the list. i

Are you creating a glide app or a glide page?

I know for sure that glide apps have a search in the choice component?

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i am just touching the steps on pages.
i used the inventory template to see the possibilities. However, when i want to choose material, and start typing the part, it is not shortening the list.

i hope i am not missing any thing yet.

Can you give us some screenshots?

this one,
Thank you

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Yeah, I don’t believe you have the ability to type and search for choice components on Pages. It’s only available for Apps as of now.


Appreciate your respected response, How ever can you imagine a list of plumbing materials required for construction. imagine a person needs to select from such list almost 100 times per day.

this list already categorized as " Plumbing". i really hope this to suggested to the respected concerned personnel.

again thank you for your kind reply

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