Use choice in form container on Pages

Hi all,

I’m building a form in Glide Pages and struggling with features:

  1. The user can search inside the list like on a regular web form, like pressing the letter to jump to the selected section that starts with that letter.
    because on very long lists like countries it’s very hard and takes time to find yours choice.
    Is it possible or there is a walk around?

  2. I can only choose choice or text in the same form container, if my user can’t find his preferred choice is there a way to let him manually insert his input?


Hi @daniel_vazana , welcome to Glide :wave:

  1. Search in choice component. Natively in the choice component, you currently cannot allow your users to search.

  2. In your form container, you can include form elements (as well as other components). A text entry component would allow your user to manually insert his input.

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