Filter product from code

Good Morning

if anyone can help me and if glide has an option

1.I have a spreadsheet where all the products are with two columns code and description
2. I would like that in the sale part already in the app glide I would just enter the product code and he would fill the field with the product referring to the code
3.I will be very grateful if you can help me

You need to this in your sheet using Vlookup 2ith arrayformula

you could show that I don’t understand much of formulas

Depending on your need, a FILTER formula would work well here. See this example in the first tab, cell B2. Enter search term in A2!

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Is FILTER any better than VLOOKUP? Any advantages/disadvantage? I have been using VLOOKUP a lot, but I also expect a matching value to be found. Your filter sample seems a lot simpler.

I like to use VLOOKUP as well, but typically use with smaller sheets. Anytime I’ve worked with large sheets, I feel like the FILTER function is a bit speedier. I also like that you can set multiple conditions. You can even do a filter of a filter lol.

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The reason I think filter is less good here is that filter start showing results from the cell it is written in which is less comfortable when using glide which is adding rows (if his is just to present data that would be a good choice) so you’ll need to leave at least one row with data (example maybe) for the filter formula to work while a combination of ARRAFORMULA +IF + VLOOKUP will allow you to use a free row at the top that will address all new rows

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Agreed! I was under the impression that he only needed a search tool, where one cell would be edited for the searching, no rows added. Check out my sheet above, and you’ll see my logic behind it. But that’s the cool thing about spreadsheets & formulas— there are always multiple solutions to every problem!

mas isso vai funcionar no glide ao colocar o sodigo do produto ele vai preencher os outros campos