I think this might be called a LOOKUP?!

I have 2 sheets:

Sheet 1 is a list of product codes & product data, i.e.

PC1 / Name / Description / Colour / weight
PC2 / Name / Description / Colour / weight

Sheet 2 is a list of product codes with their unique serials, from production, i.e.

PC1 / 0001
PC1 / 0002
PC1 / 0003
PC2 / 0004
PC2 / 0005

I’m hoping to build a layout where no product data is displayed, only a search bar, where the serials “003” can be entered, and the relevant product data is displayed, then can be saved to the sign-in account.

I believe this is possible with Glide, can anyone comment on tools/methods to achieve?

Thanks, Rob

What do you mean by “saved to the sign in account”?

The emphasis is less on the save function, and initially the lookup function. But in the long run, I am hoping to have customers create accounts, search for serials, and save the serial + product data to their account

Have a look at this app (draft++), it should cover your need : https://3dmeo.glideapp.io/
You can copy it

Thanks Christphe, apologies, I can see I missed off an important feature requirement, in the full release of this desired app, there would be 1000s & 1000s of serials, which I don’t want to display.


In this shot, can the rows of serial data be hidden / not visible, but when the serial 0003 is entered, it pulls up the product data?

The search bar has to be linked to an inline list displayed in the page, so your use case can’t be implemented like that, you have to display “something” in the screen, and the search will apply to what is displayed…

Hmm interesting. I was wondering about writing a VLOOKUP on a blank sheet, and replacing the search bar with the ability for the user to enter the serial, which would trigger the Vlookup and pull the data forward. Is this type of interaction between app & sheets typical?

You can use VLOOKUP, FILTER or QUERY for that, depends on your specific use case. The user input goes into a cell in the sheet, then the formula takes care of the rest. However there would be a gap for the data to be shown, which would not be really ideal.

Take a look at the new version of the app. You now have a text entry with which you can search for serials. If founf, you can book the product (and if found, Product data are displayed)

The text entry is a user specific column, and using Product and Serials relations and lookup , you can get the product data once the typed serial is found.

This is a draft app, you’ll have to add some adjustment if it matches your need (example : once the product is found and booked, do no more display this product data in the search screen, in order to avoid double booking of the same product / serial)

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That looks promising, thanks

App up to date, the second tab now displays the products / serials owned by the signed in user.

Thanks Christophe, that’s certainly cracked a few parts :smiley:

Any ideas on how to accrue a list of products in the search, for example:
search for 0001, finds it, adds to list,
search for 0003, find it, adds it list

then, “add all serials to owner”?