Trying to make a filter through a displayed inline list

I have a sheet with the informations of the activity on one single row, with contact number and address, then other rows in other sheets have other informations about the same activity and I’d like to have a menu like this:

lista menù

where the menu is the same for all the activities but the data is different, so when I click to a voice of the list menu item, it takes the relative data in the activity row, I need a correlation between row and column, and not row between row, is it possible?
I managed to make it work, but I have to create a relation to the word of the menu and a lookup for every voice in the menu which uses too many columns.

Is there a simpler, more automatic way of doin it that I’m missing?

Thx to whoever will answer

You want an inline list with independent configuration, is that correct?

A simpler way…I really don’t think so…A different way that’s just as fast, and uses Zero rows…yes. To do this you create another workbook in that workbook it uses IMPORTRANGE and does all of your lookup and return values there. That other workbook can have as many rows as you’d like. In your Glide workbook it does the same thing, it uses IMPORTRANGE to get the resulting values of your search. Now I know what your thinking and this may sound like it would take longer but it is actually instantaneous and allows for your glide app to have infinite rows at no cost to you. This also works with user input data. You have the other sheet import the range as to which the data is entered daily. A script runs at 1am in your glide sheets that clears the data and the other sheet has a script that runs at midnight that copies the imported range to its permanent location.

This does work and its extremely reliabe and you would never notice that it occurs. I use this method on all apps I build prior to moving them to PRO.


Thinh, you should try out this method and close both workbooks and just see how fast it works.

Very interesting, thanks, do you have any example I can have a look at?
I will dig into it, but I can’t write scripts atm, any suggestion?

I created a scripts page here in Glide to help people with scripts. I’m sure we got one on there. Here’s the link

I will make 2 google sheets real fast with the criteria and the lookups and importranges with scripts for you to give you an idea. You could actually use them for your project if you arent too far along. Give me a little bit though.

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Here are the sheets with scripts written. The scripts were done quite quickly so they could use some tuning to make them cleaner.

The first sheet would be the Glide sheet. The second is the sheet that stores the lookup and data. I used users for the example but in reality I would use a much larger database but the idea is just proof of concept so you can make it your own. The Glide sheet removes its data from 1 to 2 am every morning and the storage sheet pulls the data from 12am to 1am every morning.


I’m not sure how I can use this to make the list menu and besides, how it:

I mean: even if I import from another sheet, glide will still count those rows and I will still be subject to the app’s limits, no?

No, You have Glide only import the resulting data your looking for. You determine what your looking for. and build that search in the other sheet. The result gets returned to you and nothing else. Here’s a better example of this:

I have a sheet for a customer database with 96,000 names, addresses,emails,etc.
Glide would run too slow to support this and they don’t support this.
So when a customer enters their name and phone number into glide the other sheet imports that data, it looks it up in the 96,000 people and displays the email, address, vehicle type, etc. That data it finds is setup to import back to the Glide sheet.

So it takes up 2 rows instead of 96,002 rows…
1 row to search and 1 row to retrieve

I assume you can’t use the in app search though, right?

The 25k rows limit is probably gonna be a big limit for my app, but I also use the in app search to display results in real time.

Can I ask you maybe some other examples or maybe a link to the app if possible?
Cause from the importrange ‘demo’ I couldn’t really understand how to use it not to use up valuable rows.


Ok,I have to make my apologies as it was late and I didn’t see the other sheets with the formulas, I am studying them now, but I’m new to sheets formulas and I’m trying to understand thelogic behind it


srry didnt have the www in front of it

Nice app, well done, so if I don’t have an appointment I can ask for a price quotation of the services I need, right?

How do you manage that part wheere you send the info to the mechanic I suppose?

I will surely be interested in managing many thousands of rows with your system, but right now I first need to solve the bigger problems of my app, like I need to have analytics in it (I still even need to buy pro and connect it to the domain), hoping that I can show the statistics of the different pages, links and buttons to the clients

I’m not sure if this is a problem on my end but this is all I see

Same happened to me, I thought he was fooling me XD
It’s just heavy pictures and take a lot to load, give it some time and eventually a red hal9000 button will appear.

I might in fact suggest @Drearystate to consider uploading smaller file size pictures in that part of the app, if the big size is the problem

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Its been updated. Give it a try again.