Trying to make a filter through a displayed inline list

Yeah took about 5 minutes for the button to show up for me. I was tapping on the Nissan logo like crazy for those 5 minutes along with every other spot on the screen.

lmao@ sorry, i used the wrong link i had the button uploaded but i forgot to link to it.

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Theres a back end of the app that has service advisors technicians and parts department, they are all able to chat back and forth, confirm details and changes, etc. When submitted the kiosk entry falls into a queue, a advisor claims it and logs it, ithen it goes into a technicians queue, then onto parts, etc.

I cant give you access to that but heres some screens.

Here’s the chat, I made this same chat available for free in the store. But it works like a normal chat.

Ignore the actual messgaes i was just copying and pasting words to see if it worked.

I will probably make a template of this free for everyone soon. But back to the original conversation. This app pulls data from 3 stores for appointments and previous customers using the technique I mentioned further up the conversation and it pulls the information within 2 seconds. That was what I was trying to show you.

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I see, verynice,is it for a big service company or is it useful for small companies too?

Did they ask for a software and you work in a software company or did you propose it to them?

Sorry if I’m asking too much, you are of course free to not answer, I’m just trying to understand the possibilities of this new media.

It’s useful for all sizes, we have 15 locations currently and all will be adopting it eventually. The great thing about it is. When you submit mileage it knows what services to recommend. If you are a returning customer it already knows what services you’ve had and what to recommend. If your here for appointment it knows why your here and doesnt ask all of those other questions, it just checks you in.

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If you haven’t figured it out yet my job is to just provide solutions to the company I work for. In some cases it is writing software from scratch, sometimes its Glide, sometimes its just reorganizing something, or building steps to make something more efficient, etc…I am just a solutions manager…ugh

Yes the app is cool, that’s why I was curious, if you developed it all by yourself or it’s a team’s effort

By myself, I am the only one in my department. I was building apps for myself as an employee for them and was offered a job to go work for another company making software and they offered me a job for the same pay if I stayed. So they created this position back in June and I have built 2 Glide apps for them, An entire reporting system, and 2 other software applications using Java and C#. I always have a ton to do. I’m building a key tracking system right now.