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Hi Glide Experts,
I would like ask for your guidance on making this app.

I started this app by creating a google sheet with 2 tabs, first tab is to record the user input as usual, and the second tab has 3 columns, “item number”, “Description” and “unit of measure”.
PN Description UOM
123 Hat Each
456 Jeans Dozen
789 Shirt Each

Base on the user input of “PN” the “description” and “UOM” will pop up on the app

Is there any way I can make this app without having to ask the user to use “Add” button on the top right corner? so in other words, they can only see the input field, and as long as they type 3-digit, the description and UOM will show up down below the 3-digit. they can click on the field again to lookup a second value, and so on so forth.

Thanks for your help in advance,


You can use the built-in search function for this. What did you use the add button for?

You can also create entry components on the screen that save to user specific columns and then use a relation to get a list of matching items to display in an inline list.

Or you could do something like this.

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Thank you this help!

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You got straight to the point, and it works! Thanks.

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