Google style Search Page


I’m creating a web app for my company to be able to search parts lists. What I need is the initial page to be a search bar only page, similar to Google. Is this possible?


Yes, it’s possible. Here is a general approach:

  • Use a text input component to capture the search term
  • Write the input to a user specific column
  • Cast the value to all rows in the tables that need to be searched using a single value column
  • Use one or more if-then-else columns to find matching rows
  • Display the results using an Inline List component

thanks for your reply…
i’m not quite following what you mean by ::

• write the input to a specific column
• cast the value…

I’ve created a detail page and added a text entry component but I seem to only be able to get the source column (see attached screenshot)

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i’ve created the columns but presumably a button needs to be added to execute the search? in addition to this it means a new action needs to be created?

No, but actually - let’s take a step back… do all you part numbers exist in a single table?
If so, why not just use an Inline List and enable search on it?
Have you tried that?

Yes, just trying to create a clean page to search and then show a single result.

eg Engineer is on at a customer site and checks a part on site to see if it needs to be kept or returned. They can key the part number and see the detail which say return or dispose. Just keeps the initial page clean as I may add other functionality

Okay, fair enough.
It’s easy enough to do, but might be quicker if I show you rather than describe it.
Give me a little while and I’ll make a short video.

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Thank you. I’ve created a complete CRM with deals, activities, customer equipment lists, contacts and even a product catalogue and email function to send to customers but this one had me stumped completely.

Im surprised a search component hasn’t been added allowing it to be placed anywhere on a page as opposed to the top of a list only


Here you go:

N.B. I realise the example I gave here is using Pages, but the exact same approach works for Apps.


That’s awesome…thank you very much. For some reason my text entry field won’t allow me to enter any text ::

That usually means there is no row available to be written to.
Do you have any filters applied at the tab level?

Sorry just back at the computer. Good question I’ll have a look

I’m a ding-a-ling, that was it :roll_eyes: