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hello, I’m new to Glide, and I was trying to understand if it was possible to create a search item screen where the user only sees a search bar, and the item list will only show results if there is a match with what has been typed in the search bar, instead of always showing the full list of items in the data table.
Thanks for your help.

Yes. You would need to create a custom search.

Text Entry component.

User specific column to hold search key

Single value column to copy search key to all rows

If then else column to compare your Single Value to the column you’d like to search.

if → single value → is not → search column → then blank → else true

Set a filter on your collection when if then else is true.

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thanks for the quick response.
Do you know if there is a tutorial that might help me to understand better those functionalities and help me build this screen?

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Yea there’s quite a bit of material that should help. Give these a read and let us know where you get stuck.

Text entry

User specific colum

Single value column

If then else column

thank you so much, I will have a look.

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