Show recommended values based on previous multi-selected values

Hi lovely people of Glide,

Im thinking of creating an app where I can choose multiple values and then click next where I can see recommendations based on my selection. E.g. Cooking app where I can select first the ingredients and then it will show me the recommended dishes based on the ingredients I selected.


It would be very nice to do this, and this is doable in my opinion. Just needs to have a good setup of individual ingredients, the template column to join all those chosen and do a lookup.

The tricky part would be the relation - lookup as people’s choices may not be, let’s say, in alphabetical order all the time. And the template column to join ingredients available for each dish is a challenge as well.

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A simple setup would be to create, let’s say, 10 columns set up in an array formation (Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, Ingredient 3, etc). This will create an array column of Ingredient in glide. You can then create 10 choice components that will fill each individual ingredient column. You can then use the array Ingredient column for a relation to the recipes sheet which would also have an array of all ingredients listed. I think this should give you list of all recipes that match the ingredient list you entered. You can either display as an inline list or create a button that should allow you to set the relation for the link to screen action to show a list of matching recipes. I’m not entirely how or if this will all work as expected, but hopefully it gives you some ideas for the layout of your app.

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This might give you some further ideas with a similar idea.

Hopefully I will have time to turn this into a video/GIF to illustrate it. Thank you Jeff!

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