I have problem with ARRAYFORMULA formula. When I set range from A2:A for copying some values from another cells It marks me e.g. 1000 Rows, and after when I want to add some items from Glide app It creates me a new ROW with 1001 number at the very far bottom of the sheet. Is there any way to use ARRAYFORMULA with Glide and add items to first empty row not to first row under ARRAYFORMULA?


You must remove all your empty rows, otherwise Glide will just skips through all those rows and write to the 501 or 1001 row, something like that.

It’s one biggest problem that when I set specific number of rows and I apply FILTER to e.g. E column and after that when I add some new records that FILTER is not adding this new rows to FILTER from view window. Is there any way to add FILTER to all incoming fields ??

You use filter in the Sheets right? Can I see your formula and what’s your use case for that?

My formula for displaying units from another tab and matching their names with given names from Glide adding form.


With this formula after I add some items It adds me a new items after that formula range I mean 1001 ROW.

I need also a FILTER column (not formula) for showing delivers and filtering them depending of values added from glide and this is simply FLITER option from EXCEL MENU, but when I have e.g. 17 ROWS to have this ARRAYFORMULA works I want to add more items from GLIDE and that filter is not moving to newly created rows but stays on E:E17 e.g.

You can move your Vlookup to the Data Editor using a combination of relation - lookup.

For the filter, you can have an inline list and filter them in the app to keep it all inside the app if you want to do so.