Is there a Glide Tables equivalent for the Vlookup Formula

I often need to find the first occurrence of a value within a column and mark it as TRUE in the adjacent column. There are many different reasons i use vlookup but in this instance i would use the TRUE column to filter unique rows when using an inline list.

Question 1: Whats the best glide alternative for the vlookup formula [eg. Vlookup(A8,A:B,2,false) - this would look for the value in column A row 8, then find the first time that value occurs in column A (if you look from top to bottom), if it finds a match then return the adjacent value in column B]

Question 2: Is there another simple way of filtering my Name column to only show unique names on my Inline List Component

Isn’t that pretty much what a single relation does? It looks for the first occurance of a matching value. Then a lookup returns any value from that matching row. In my opinion it’s much more flexible in glide because you aren’t stuck with looking at columns to the left or right, like you are with a Vlookup. Plus, it’s faster.

Many of us already do this to find unique rows. Add a RowID column. Create a single relation matching a certain value in a column to itself. Create lookup to return the RowID, Then finally check if the rows RowID matches the Lookup RowID. If they match, then that row is the first occurrence of whichever value you were searching for.


This is perfect!!! Thanks so much. It’s almost like an index match (can search left or right)
Big thanks👍

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