Showing one row of many

The sheets contain 7 rows with the same name. I just want the first of these 7 on the screen. How do I do that?

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I’ve wanted a native feature like this as well (filter by unique values). Here’s one way:

  1. Create a multiple relation column matching the ma’am receipt column to itself

  2. Create a single value column to grab the first RowID value from the relation in step 1.

  3. Add a filter on the inline list where RowID is the Single Value column


I also found this way but…

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I would like to have every 1st value. So also the next one (“Fuji apple” and “Greek yogurt”) some with more rows.

Thanks so far.


Right…my solution above should work for your request.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work as I entered it.

Found a solution.


That is how it works.


Robert, thank you for helping me.

If you want this method to work, your relation needs to be a multiple relation (like Robert said!). Then, you’d need an IFTHENELSE Column like Robert mentioned.

Your method above looks like it’s working for you though, but it’s not very dynamic if new data is added to the sheet.


Yup :point_up_2:


Searched for a better solution and found it with the “UNIQUE formula”. Unique is used in Google sheets. Search Glide Library for UNIQUE.

No offence, but any “solution” that relies on Google Sheet formulas is definitely not better by any stretch of the imagination.

A native Glide solution is almost always preferable, and @Robert_Petitto already gave you one (which you appear to have either ignored or not understood).


It doesn’t work, no new rowID appear.

Your relation needs to be multiple, and your single value needs to refer to the relation instead of the sheet.


Check the box on your relation column to “Match Multiple”


It does indeed work as you explained. I checked the “Match multiple” and in the single value changed the reference to “rel name recipe > Row ID”.

Thank you guys.


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