🗃️ Create a categorized inline list from a master list without UNIQUE formulas

Take a master list of items with categories and create a parent list of those categories without any spreadsheet formulas.


The famous index column that I have already requested! Very clever Bob! Amazing :facepunch:t3::fire:


Genius…already getting a few ideas with a multi restaurant App I am working on…

When I grow up, I want to be this smart…
Great job and tutorial :ok_hand: @Robert_Petitto


Out of curiosity I want to understand why do you choose to add 4 computed columns to achieve something that can be quickly done in GSheets with 1 formula
In my experience, the “self relation” starts lagging when I cross 10k rows and takes a lot of time for the GDE to load while the Google Sheet formula takes all the load away from Glide.

Is there an added benefit of using the GDE (apart from the speed of updation) that I am missing?


Works great. Thanks for the tip. Using it after @Jeff_Hager workaround similar advice

:pray::heart_eyes: Add Query function to Glide Tables, Please!

Just want to add to this…if you need a workaround for now…what I would do is first make sure you have enabled the RowID column in your sheet.

Then create a template with the unique key values you would normally select for a query.
Then create a multiple relation that links that template back to itself.
Then create a Single Value column to get the first RowID out of that relation.
Then create an IF/Then column that returns ‘true’ if the row’s RowID matches the single value RowID.
Finally create any Rollup columns you need to sum data out of the relation.
This will give you data that can be filtered using the ‘true’ column and that will have all of your summed data for each unique key.

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I try to avoid Google Sheets formulas whenever possible…it’s handy especially if your app is built on Glide tables only. Another added benefit is when building apps for clients. With this method, there’s less risk at having the client accidentally adding an item to the unique list manually, breaking the formula and then running back to you wondering why the app is broken.


^this is a great point. I usually have to password-protect columns in a GSheet to help prevent changes. By doing as much in Glide as possible, the result is a much cleaner and more stable end product for the client.


yeah, agreed. I tend to do as much as I can to avoid formulas in GSheets, and especially arrayformulas. They are just too fragile, and the impact when they break can be huge.