Can I search the menu opened by the Choice component?

Will this work if it’s pulling the text from a search box instead of a set word. Like say:


Where J3:J is a list of issues to search through

Can I replace the “.km.” with “."&H2&".

Where H2 will be the text in the Search box.

And would this formula pull all items in the J3:J that contain the searched text into a choice option in my App that has the column with the formula set as the available choices

I essentially want a user to be able to Search a term that term would pull the items of the issues list that have that term in it and will build a choices menu that has just those items with that term as opposed to the 1,000+ list of issue options


Yay!!! This works

$D2:$D column to search and H2 term to search for.

It imports all rows with H2 in it anywhere.

Now to test it in the app lol

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So yeah need this to function so when they type in the Search term before hitting add it can pull from the correct column. Is there a way to program say a button that pulls the formula or… A way to get it to add the Search Result into the Google Sheet without hitting the check Mark to add the whole thing. Kind of like an Add/Edit with the functions of the Edits immediate posting


Can you add a button that allows a custom formula to be put in it or allow it to choose a formula from the Google Sheet

Or maybe a special value that allows us to set a formula that runs automatically when says a text box detects text

Writing a Google script would be simple lol but I dont see a way to add scripts to the apps :stuck_out_tongue:

@Christopher_Breen To include a script in your spreadsheet is as simple as writing the script function and in the cell just put =YourScriptFunction() in the cell.

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I don’t think you can add scripts into an app itself. I don’t think setting a formula from within the app would work either, as google may only see it as text instead of a formula.
The only option I can think of while in Add/Edit mode would be to use a Form Button to submit your search term to a new sheet. Then use a formula to pull the last submitted search term into the cell that you are using to filter your choice list. I would think this would update the Choice component while your are still in the Add/Edit mode, but may take a few seconds to update. It wouldn’t be a very smooth process, but may be something to try.

Lol that I know but I want to incorporate the script in my app

I’m not following really well, but are you asking if the populated results could somehow be part of an added row? Like for example:

  1. User searches a term
  2. Search term populates results
  3. User adds a new item
  4. Search results are also added to their new item

Id like to create a way where if I am adding a ticket when I click the Issues box to set it to a specific issue i don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of options I want to be able to search that Choices option for an item to select

Nevermind doesn’t work. I need to be able to allow multiple users to search the list simultaneously which means I’ll have to wait for Glide to program a search function into its app building process

Yeah I was trying to steal some ideas here for my list problem,… and it sounds promising until you add multiple users at the same time,… since the source sheet results will change with each user.

Maybe you could filter the search screen by user, and add a form button like Jeff suggested. Then maybe use Glide’s filter option to filter out old searches? Idk. I added an array formula to the filter formula, so that rows could be added & still filter results.

I’m trying to see if there’s a way to get a live search that filters as you type to work in my glide app. I’ll update as I go

Great and smart solution!

I’d rather use Query() function to look for the results rather than Filter(), I think Query() is more powerful and flexible but it is a matter of taste.

Feliz día, saludos!

Wow, this is so cool! I’m going to use this in my app. :star_struck: