Filter Entry Fields

I think we need a new type of Entry/Choice component or some sort of modification on the existing components. What I’m thinking is that we need fields that can be used for filtering a list without the need to be saved to a sheet. An example would be the dynamic list filter in Changing the choice component value to filter the list works fine if each user has their own record in the sheet. The problem is that if multiple people are are changing the same component, then they start to conflict with each other. There is also a problem if I rapidly change the value of that choice component. Rapidly changing it causes the selected value to jump around as the value is syncing back to the sheet at a slower rate than I’m making changes.

I would like to maybe see a new column type (Filter) in the data tab that can be used for entry and choice fields, but is never synced back to the spreadsheet and is only stored on the local device. Or maybe a way to use the existing fields, but with an feature option to only store the value on the local device and never sync back to the sheet. I think this would open up a lot of options for the users to create their own dynamic filters without having to create unnecessary per user records to store the filter fields.