How can I filter a choice component inside a form with a single value


I want your advices in order to manage the situation I put myself in while building a data record app for my students and our PE department. I think I did it the wrong way but I don’t have time yet to rebuilt it. So I’m looking for some “quick” tricks to achieve what I want to do in order to be ready in 4 days :slight_smile:

The current situation and goal:

  • Tab one (at opening) you select the class. The button set column values in one sheet ( inside a use specific column)and move to the Data entry tab.
  • In the data entry tab you have access to several forms in order to record data inside a second sheet
  • inside each form you have choice component to select the name of the data recorder and to select the student recorded

My mistake was to think that I would be able to easily filter the choice component in my forms in order to have only the list of students of a specific class (the one click on the first opening page of my app)

So my question is how can I filter a choice component inside a form with a single value put in a user specific column in another sheet.

My goal is to try to avoid creating a choice component per class and set-up the visibility for each of the component created…because the video you see 2 classes but I have 10 and between 10 to 20 form per activities…so I’m looking for a quick trick or explanation on what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance for your help and advices

If you have a user profile sheet and are signed into the app, you can store values in the user profile and they are available globally throughout the app.

Or I think you could bring in the value to the sheet that contains the form buttons or the choice values through a single value column. I don’t remember for sure how to set it up properly but you may be able use that single value for a filter. You may have to pass that value through the form to make it accessible but I’m not sure if the top of my head. I’d have to sit down and try it to be sure of the proper way to set it up.

Thank @Jeff_Hager for your quick answer as usual :slight_smile:

I already tried to set value column inside the form sheet inside a user specific column but I’m not able to find a way to filter my choice component with this value while it is in my sheet. I tried all combination but it never worked…

By the way I don’t have user profile sheet because the goal was to built a tool for the PE department and the students. Every body can use it and need to acces to the form as quick as possible…

This is the app I’m working on if it easier to understand how it is set-up The only activity ready is running :running_man:

If you bring that user specific column into your 1/2FOND table as a single value, can you then not use that to filter your choice component?

Hi @Darren_Murphy,

I tried also but I m not able to set-up the filter properly. So I must missing something who is in front of me. Basically I can filter manually but as I want it to be automatically filtered depending on the click on the button who set value column at the beginning of the opening (first tab) it doesn’t work or I 'm not setting up the filter as I should…

I see you made it copyable - I’ll take a quick look (or maybe Jeff is already looking)

Yes, the single value option seems to do the trick.
You actually need to bring the value into your STUDENTS 1/2FOND sheet, and then it can be used as a filter:


Thank you so much @Darren_Murphy it does the trick :slight_smile: and it will save me a lot of time…my mistake was to not use the Single Value Type in Glide Table…I’m relating to much on my google spreadsheet and not enough on the power of the glide Table type.


If you need to migrate many things from your Sheet to Glide, we are always here to help. It is definitely a good practice to enhance your app’s performance :wink:

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