Dynamic choice

Hi, it’s possible to create a dinamic choice when user compose a Form?
I need to create a confirmations choice.

User write a ID code in “number entry”
in “choice component” appear the name corresponding whit the ID code that user added in “number entry” field.

If this is not possible, can user type complete ID code in Choice research form and system display only the code that user writed?

I need a dinamic functions to confirm code that users type.


This should help.

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You can use my approach here, by filtering the choice component with the ID code the user inputs.

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This looks great but i can’t understand how i have to set my choice form. Now i have one sheet whit two columns. The first column have all ID Code that user can manually add in the form the second columns have the Name associated to the code. All row have one code and one name associated.

What i have to change?

The functions have to be
user Add ID code whit “number entry”
In choice component appear the name associated whit the ID code

A better setup would be just let a user choose an ID code and then take the name associated to the code in a relation & lookup, no?

No, app have thousands of ID Code and i would that user add a correct ID without have a list choice.
When user add one correct ID the “choice component” display the correspondant name associated. If the name is correct user have to select name and can send the module.

If the name is correct I don’t think users should have to select the name again because it’s just one choice for that component?

You can have a tab for all IDs, let people search through that tab and in the detailed view add a form, take the ID & Name via column components then write it to your sheet? Would that work?

Yes, is not important that user select the name in second time but is important that when user add ID Code appear the name associated. Sorry but i don’t understand your solutions.
If i set my app copiable can you help me?

Can you quickly check Code tab here?

I have check your App and i have understand. Thanks a Lot my friend!

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My pleasure, let me know if I can help!

which of your fields/columns is user specific in order to handle multiple users? I cannot find it thanks

Can you specify which tab is that? I just deleted the code tab I showed him, if you’re referring to that then I have no user-specific column, because the information is submitted back via a form.

when you enter a date and your form choices it creates a new row in the internal spreadsheet…how do you achieve that? is this done via the user specific option? if not how do I replicate this, where a user enters a data and their choices are all recorded one per row? thanks (its on tab: dates)

Ah so you mean the app on the other thread.

It’s all in a form though, a form will always use a new row, if that’s what you mean.