It's posible to create this logic inside a Edit Form?

Hello again,

Here I’m focused on another challenge with Glide Pages.

I’m trying to know if there is a way to filter a choice component by choosing a value of another choice component inside an edit row form screen on Glide Pages.

On this project I have Values (choice component one) that are related to Behaviours (choice component two, that has to be filtered by value choosen in one).

Behaviours A,F,C etc. are related to Value X.
Behaviours B,I,H etc. are related to another Value Y.

So, If I choose Value X, the choice component must show me Behaviours A,F,C…

The challenge is that the variable Value X is not identified until I hit Save so I can not filter the choice component two of Behaviours in anyway.

Is there any solution for this?

Thank you!

Have you tried setting the filter on the second choice component based on the Screen Value of the first choice component?

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Yes, I’ve already tried this and it’s not working as the value of the first Choice Component has to be introduced somewhere. Surprisinly it’s working only with boolean variables. But I need to filter by a Value Name. So it’s not working as the Screen Value.

So you mean when you choose something in your first choice component it isn’t available as a screen value for you to filter in your second choice? Or, is it not “saved”?

Yes, when I’m going to filter it with the second choice component it does not seem to work. It takes a comparison of a value that it’s empty. Remember that I’m in a edit row Glide Pages form, maybe does something to do with that.


I tried to do this with the Edit Screen but it not worked. And I tried the same with a Glide App and it worked. Maybe a bug in the Pages. And then I tried to create the Edit screen with the New Screen action and it worked.


@Dilon_Perera Ahh,missed the part that is was glide pages. Still haven’t messed with them yet. Definitely seems like a bug to me. I would expect Screen Values to work. Looks like the screen value is holding on to the prior set value instead of the current choice value.


Then I would suggest submitting a report.


Hello @Dilon_Perera ,

Yes, it works for you as the data is on the Screen as in the same Excel page that you are referring to. On my case both choice components are referring to different Excel pages and also the Edit form is referring to another Excel page. So, when I mark the first choice component there is nothing on the Screen Value. Eitherways it worked for me with true/false boolean values.