Problem selecting "Screen" values in a CHOICE component

Note: I have already opened this bug in another category, but I’ve been told to create it here in “Glide Pages”

Describe the bug:
I have two “CHOICE” components in a form. The values of the second component depend on the selection of the first one, so I use a filter as follows using the “Screen” option:


Expected Behaviour:
Results should be filtered in the second choice component, but they are not. Looks like the application is not taking into account the “Screen value” selected at the first component, which lives in the limbo as it’s not written into the GDocs yet:

How to replicate:

  • Create two choice components:

  • Component #1 is populated from a table with these rows, for instance:COUNTRY_NAME

  • Component #2 is popupulated from a table with rows with these rows, for instance:COUNTRY_NAME CITY

  • Selected a value from choice #1 (for instance, “CANADA”)

  • Create a filter for component two where “COUNTRY_NAME” is “Screen → COUNTRY_NAME”

  • You’ll see that the choice #2 component dissapears, instead of showing “Toronto”

Any help is really appreciated!

Video here, just in case it helps:

Please also try to submit a ticket here so it gets to the team sooner.

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Already done, thanks!

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I’ve told that this is not a bug so I’m going to recap here.

I have a made a simple example to demonstrate what’s going on. It works as expected but only if the CHOICE component is outside a form. See the attached video where the CHOICE components are working well until I move them into the form. I’ve been told by the support team that I need to have “a list of cities and countries that match the country on the screen”, but I think that this is what I already have.

Any ideas? I think I’m missing something very obvius, but don’t know what! :slight_smile:

Video here:

Everything is happening very quickly in your video, so it’s a bit difficult to follow, but… have you checked the filter on the city choice component after you move it inside the form container? I’m just wondering if maybe it gets reset when you move it.