Populate choice box depending on another choice box

I am trying to populate Choice Box #2 depending on option form Choice Box #1.

I can’t seem to find a way to use filters to “tell” glide to only show those rows that match Choice Box #1 selection.

Is there anyway this can be achieved?
Thanks a lot!

Filter with the screen value, I think that would solve your issue


Thanks a lot @Pablo_Miguel_Martine , the solution is not working but I think it is because inside an “Add Items” screen so it might be returning blank for the value I need.

I might need to modify the flow in order for “screen value” to return what I need.

Thanks a lot for the tip on the screen value!

Do you know of any way to print screen values inside the “Add items” screen?

I would like to understand whats inside some of the values, but I can’t find a way to attach a screen value to an element inside the add items view.

In your choice component #2, is there not an option to filter by screen’s choice component 1 value?

Hi! thanks for reaching back.

I do see the the value when I set the filter

The thing is that the choice list is coming up blank, that’s why I was wondering if I could place in a text the values for “vendor ID” and “screen vendor ID”

Again, thanks for your help

If it’s the second choice component in the screen, shouldn’t the filter be vendor ID is not screen’s first choice component value. Is that value available at all to you?

I believe it works normally in a form, not sure how it functions in an add environment.

Thanks again for your time @ThinhDinh !

So, basically this is my DB structure.

I have an orders table and a products in order table linked by order id.

This is the “add items” screen for the products in order table.

On Choice #1 the user selects the order from the order table
On Choice #2 I want to only show products from the products table that match the vendor ID that comes from the order(vendor ID) table chosen on Choice #1

Unfortunately when I do this image
It returns empty, that is why it would be awesome to be able to debug the values in order to understand what is going on, but I can’t find any way to print those values anywhere on the screen.

Again, if you have any suggestion I will super appreciate it.
Thanks for your time.

Currently to do this easily, you can use a detail screen by building whatever you need there. I’m going to sleep now, but tomorrow, unless my dear friend @ThinhDinh has already intervened, I’ll send you a working example.


@Yakito here’s a working example.

Link to copy back: https://tdslab.glideapp.io/


Thanks a lot! will try to replicate that with my setup. I will get back to mark it as solution.

Thanks a lot for your time and help!


Thanks a lot for your help @Roldy and @ThinhDinh

Also, Happy Birthday @ThinhDinh
Have a beautiful day!
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Great to have helped!