Hard use of the Choice component ))

Hello to all!
Thanks to the developers for the multi-selection in the Choice component. This is a really powerful tool that I use!

However, I go even further))
I am trying to make it so that when using the Choice component has its own filter, as well as the ability to change the description (such as “Display as”).
I’ve had some success with the filter and now I’m filtering whatever I need, however, I still haven’t been able to get Glide to change the text.

In the picture below, I gave an example of one of my attempts to use two buttons for this.
The task is greatly complicated by the fact that I use the Select function when adding or editing data.

Maybe someone has an idea how to do this or should I leave these attempts?

So you want the labels in the multi-select to change based on the button bar press?

That’s easy enough, just create an if-then-else column to return the appropriate label based on the value in a user specific column, set your button bar actions to update that column, and then use the if-then-else column as your choice component labels.

I tried this and it didn’t work for me.
The column value does not change until I click Submit.
Again, I try to do all this while adding or editing data.

I haven’t tried making the user-specific column yet. Do you think this will help?

I just made a change. I made a column that needs to be changed by buttons as user-specific. It didn’t work. Until I click on Submit, the values are not written. Accordingly, my Choice component does not understand what I want from it. )

Yes, sorry. I missed that you were doing this inside a form. It won’t work, as you’ve discovered.

The only way to make this work would be to use a Custom Form.

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I’ll wait until tomorrow and start redoing …
The solution was so close …))

In the same place, I organized various filters that work great and the multi-choice list is managed right in the Form.
For this I used “Add New Action” and everything works great. I guess I’ll do it again … I just wanted to try a different path to give my application a little variety.

Thanks again!