Choice Component Only Populates One Cell

The Choice component repeatedly populates ONLY the first cell in the column when a selection is made in the drop down list. See for yourself. Click in the Job Col then select from the dropdown at the bottom of the form. It appears to be a bug from my perspective.

my app link : Steve's Project

Your app isn’t publicly accessible. What are you expecting to happen? The choice component will populate the column in whichever row your screen is currently attached to.


Definitely not a bug. As @Jeff_Hager mentioned, you’ll need to filter your screen differently if you’re expecting the choice component to write to different rows.


The simple workaround is to create a ‘single value’ column next to the choice component column.

Set up the SV column so that it reads the first value in the choice column. Now the user’s choice will be instantly reflected in all cells as a repeating single value.

How do I make it publicly available?



Seems that you have it set as a private app where access has to be requested, rather than a public app where anybody can sign in. Was that your intention according to your app’s privacy settings?

thank you for that information - here is what I hope is a public link - go to the Charges tab and pick a job … you will see what I mean…

thank you

I don’t have a filter defined.


It’s working as it is supposed to work.
If you want the selected value applied to all rows, then what you need to do is add a Single Value column that targets that column.

Hmmm same thing as SIMON_Hill is saying… I guess I don’t understand why this is happening. When you click in row 1 col 1 of the job column and select a value from the drop down are you saying that the choice component is trying to map all the choices at once?

I do NOT want every cell to be copied to a particular column… That is what Single value column does. I want DIFFERENT choices to appear in a particular column

So you want to set a different value in each row?
What you probably need to do then is use a different collection style - one that supports item click actions - and then you can create an action that allows you to do that.

By default your screen is attaching to the first row in the table… that’s expected behavior. As was mentioned earlier you’ll need to add a filter to drill it down to a specific row.

E.g. if logged in user email → is → screen → user email

Geez then that really goes counter to my understanding of what a “choice” or pick list component should do. The concept is to make it so you dont have to keep typing in each cell when what you are typing is a selection from a list.
Please correct me if that is not correct.
thank you guys

I think the “filter” guys have the solution… looking

thanks so much for input

It really depends what your goal is.

If your goal is to just view the data for a single row on that screen, and use a choice component to set a value in that row, then yes a filter will help with that.

But if your goal is to view data for all rows on the same screen, and be able to update values in each row, then that won’t work the way you are trying to do it (unless you allow editing on the Data Grid Collection, in which case you could alter values by directly typing in the cells). But if you want to change them row by row by selecting from a choice component, that isn’t possible with a Data Grid Collection, because it doesn’t support Item Click actions. If you switch to a List or Table style, then it will be possible.

Actually, just thinking about it, it would be possible but it would require two Choice Components and a Button. You could use the first Choice Component to select which row you want to update, and the second choice component to select a new value. And then the button to set the value. The button would use a Set Column Values action to set the value via a Single Relation that’s dynamically formed when the row number is selected.


@Steve_Founds I think it would really help to see screenshots or a video of your problem. I still can’t access your app, so I have no idea what you are trying to do or what exactly is not working for you. If we can have a visual, then usually we can spot the problem or the confusion pretty quickly.

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I just got off a quick call with Steve and we sorted it out. Simple solution was to switch to a List Collection and enable editing, which served his need.


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