Help! Populate Choice Component with calculated columns data

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Has anyone been able to populate a choice component with data from different columns, i have 8 Math columns with data, that i would like to display as choice component options. I have been trying for a while with no luck. Any ideas would be helpful.

Choice components can only be built from multiple rows. Not columns.

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@ThinhDinh can you suggest a workaround for this?

There’s no workaround for this. Me and Jeff have gone through this specific problem a while ago and still we had to convert them to multiple rows.

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check this sample… “Flag” tab have over 200 choices and…
Tic-Tac have 3 rows and 4 columns being able to work independently!!!

create relation to a first row in each column and then rollup that relation (make first row of each column unique (meaning second row … lol))

I have a thought that may work, but I’m not sure if it will fit into your situation. Your screenshot shows 3 rows that all look the same. My question is, would those slots ever be different for each row? Can the values ever be cleared out if a time slot is taken for a particular row?

With what you are showing, it appears that you could have a generic list of timeslots in a separate sheet and use that for your choice component, but if my assumptions are correct, and those values could vary for each row, then here’s my idea. You will need a sheet that lists all of the possible timeslots in rows. With your data above, I would then create a template column that joins each of the 8 timeslot columns together with a comma delimiter between each timeslot. Then I would create a Split Text column to split the timeslots template (on the comma delimiter) into an array column of timeslots. Then you can use that array to create a relation to the sheet that lists all of the possible timeslots. That relation can then be used for your choice component. If the timeslots vary per row, then the relation will ultimately pick up only the necessary timeslots in the relation and only show those in the choice component.


Very sneaky… :+1:

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@Jeff_Hager Thanks for the response. The Slot will vary based on the start time set, and then they increment by 15 min per slot.( Math column) the reason they look same, its because 3 users signed up for the same tournament. and the form generated them slots, Admin will then assign a slot to each time for their Match ( from Admin screen).

I went ahead and created a button for each time slot and use set column to assign each teams time slot. It was tedious to set-up this way, but it works well for now.


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