Populate multiple columns from a choice component

I have a row with 10 columns for Row Owners.

How can I populate these columns with a choice component?

The choice component uses my user’s table as a source.

I know that the component writes in only one column, but I was hoping that there was a workaround.

btw I’m using Glide Tables, not Google Sheets.

You would probably need a split text column to split the choices into an array, then you would need 10 single value columns to grab each individual element from the array. Then an action to move the single value column values into the row owner columns. But the user doing this will also need to be a row owner, or else they won’t have access to the row. Not sure if it would work.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I decided to do it differently, but now I’m worried that the multiple Row Owner columns may slow down the app In the long run.

Any thoughts on this?

Not really, other than to try it and see what happens.