Choice component makes blank screen

I have a screen with some values that change when the user selects 1, 2 or 3 in a choice component.
If the user choice is 1 or 2 everything works fine but if the choice is 3 every component but the choice one disappears though the if-then columns in the sheet show the right values for that election.
There is no visibility nor filter condition. Values change with if-then columns

And if the election is 3 the choice component doesn’t work anymore. I can’t make a new choice until I reset the column value in the sheet

More info:
Row owner is user’s email. I seems that the choice ‘3’ changes the row and since the user is not owner of the new row he can’t see anything.
I’ve tried with a user-specific and non user-specific column for the choice value with the same results

It’s ok.
There was an undesired filter in the screen options. Once I’ve deleted it everything works fine