Custom filter for the Choice component does not work

Hello everyone.
I continue to test multi-choice.
Using inline-list I made a filter to control what is displayed in the Choice component. Everything seems to work, both the filter and the selection.
However, I am having an incomprehensible problem.

For example, I created a small application in which to show what and how it works for me. Here is the link:

I enable Filter_01, then select the desired Object. After that, I can turn on / off any of the Filters as I like and my choice is saved.
However, as soon as I turn off Filter_01 and turn on Filter_02, then when I select Objects, the Glide “forgets” what was selected before and all the Objects that were selected with Filter_01 disappear.

What did I do wrong?

Here, when I select more than two items in Choice, my worksheet is blank in that specific cell where it should have two Row IDs.

So you want the multiple choice to work on both sets of choices? As in if I choose filter 1 and choose object A, then when I choose filter 2 and choose object B it should be “object A, object B” instead of just “object B”?

I think you did nothing wrong, just that Glide has made it work like that since the start. You can’t store choices from different sets of choices in a single cell.

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