Clever ways to filter out Choice options on two dups?

My gut tells me this isn’t possible, but throwing this out to the community any way in case there’s something obvious I’m missing.

I have two Choice Displays that show the same set of display choices and send the same set of values… but they send them into two different columns of the spreadsheet. Part of my app’s game mechanic is that players much choose exactly two things (no more and no less) from a master list. I do this with two choice components. I imagine at some point we’ll have a multi-choice component and hopefully it’ll provide a way to limit number of options. Until then, this is how I’m doing it.

Problem: I can’t prevent players from choosing the same two things from that master list, and rules are that the two things need to be different. I have a script running that detects if the two values are the same and clears them out (forcing the user to resubmit those two choices before their submission is officially accepted), but this is clumsy and I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a way to filter a choice display to not display an item already chosen in another choice display.


You might find your way to solve it based on this video.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help me. I actually have a similar mechanic as this in which I let people assign themselves to three different “rooms” from three different choice components in their profile. Using a similar method as @Robert_Petitto, I can get those three choice components to never show a choice option for a “room” that was already selected in one of the other two columns. This works only because my choice components aren’t in a form but on the page and they update the sheet in real time and the relations dynamically change in accordance. Same for Robert in this video, because he has to submit the form first in order to prevent the choice component from showing that room the next time he opens it… but what I need is a way to have two choice components in the same form and somehow ( can’t imagine how, to be honest), when one has a choice selected, the other one doesn’t show that choice. The problem is without sending the data, any relations that I might create to limit the display dynamically aren’t picking up any change.

It would be so great if the filtering of a component could function with a condition similar to the way you can hide components in a form based on whether they’ve been filled out our not (i.e. Show x Component while y ComponentVariable is not empty)… it would be something like Filter only xChoiceVariables when xChoiceVariable is not yChoiceVariable (which would be whatever was chosen from the yChoiceComponent).

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