Is it possible to limit choices in choice component based on previously selected item?

I have an an app that tracks production times in a small ceramic studio.
The user first makes a ceramic task. Then she adds a ceramic line where she selects a ceramic item from the ceramic table via choice component.
She’ll add up to +10 ceramics lines pr task.
The problem is that quite often she accidentally adds the same ceramic twice under the same task - which makes the system double count.

So I’ve been trying to figure out how I filter out ceramics in the choice component which already has been added to the Task so she can’t select it twice within the same task.

I’ve set it up so I have a three tables:

  • Ceramic table
  • Ceramic Task Table
  • Ceramic lines table

I have tried to make a relationship field in the Ceramics table between the individual ceramics and the Task table. My thinking was then to filter out all the ceramics where the task already exist. However I can only put a filter on the choice component which checks if the relationship field is empty / not empty and not if it contains a specific relationship.

Does anyone know how to go about this?

Hi! There many aspects about your flow.
But the concept like this^
if you have many task at same time, so you need to indicate which task you deal
Then make if then column, which checking is some thing relate to active task, if not → show thing id
Choice component must follow this if then elese column.
It can be vary according you flow.
If you can provide the video, so may be possible find more appropriate guide

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Add a joined list column that selects all the tasks names (or TaskIDs) through that relation, and then use that column as your filter.


Wonderful, that did the trick…

Thank you :pray:

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