Independant choice component

Hi all,

I have an unsolved issue regarding the choice component.

Usually, when I create a component, it appears within each item of a list.
Example : if i create a “text” component, it appears within all the item of a list, but I can custom the text for each component.

It is different for a choice component : I have to create as many choice component with filter for each one in order to have only on choice component visible for each item of my list.
Example :

Do you have suggestion to help me to improve the process (instead of creating thousand choice component lines) ?

Thank you for your help,

Two options. You can either add a filter to the choice component that uses screen values to filter it.

The other option is to create a relation in your data that links the item you are viewing to the choice sheet. Relations can be used as the source of your choice components and will only show the related data.

Also, if you are currently setting up your data so each choicecomponent has it’s own column, I suggest restructuring your data so you have one column with the Dimension type and one column with all the Measurements. Your data setup looks to be the source of your problem since you you separate columns for each item. You should only need 2 columns and 1 choice component to achieve either of the methods mentioned above.


Thank you Jeff for your precious help, I will try both.