Hi all,
Do you guys any idea on how to do this with minimal using component?
The concepts is User have to choose the “Type” first.
And among the “type” have the dropdown list from the “Type 1” or “Type 2” or “Type 3”.
Last will have the “model” list.

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I didn’t know excel sheets worked too
Loads of free apps in template store on how to do what your trying to do.

I mean how to do in Glide?

Hi, did you try to create several Choice components with:

  • “Choice 1” linked to Type 1
  • “Choice 2” linked to Type 2 + filtered by “Choice 1” selection (in the ‘option’ tab of the “Choice 2” component > Filter)
    and so on and so forth?

Its not come out with the value when make a choice.
Am I write the table in right structure?

When I choose “Material Lifts” in Choice 1,
should be come out :
“1) Load Lifter™/Super Hoist™: LL™/GH™
2) Genie ® Lift™: GL™
3) Superlift Contractor®: SLC™
4) Superlift Advantage®: SLA™”

When I choose "Genie ® Lift™: GL™"
Should come out :

1)Standard Base
2)Straddle Base
3)Counterweight Base

And when I choose the “Standard Base” after, it will come out :

  1. GL-4
  2. GL-8

I know what you are trying to do.

I could be wrong but Choice component might not be the way to go.

If I were you, I’d create another sheet tab 2, name it group type or category or something and copy/paste one title type from each group type from column A to tab 2. E.g. material lifts appears 8 times. On the new tab I would enter it in row 2, clmn A, once only. I would Do this for all the other unique types.

Then I would create a multiple relation by relating column A of tab 2 to Clmn A of tab 1. I would then create an inline list of Tab 2 to display all my types. I would then point the types to the relation I would probably need to create a few template columns too but that’s a matter of taste not choice.

There are loads of free templates in the template store for what you are trying to achieve. Check out the ones by jack Vaughan.


Thanks for your reply.
Will try again. Hope it is works.