Help wanted with using the choice component

I have a question:
I am building a site where I have tabs for

  • Type of skates
  • Sizes of skates
  • Users

I want a user to choose a type of skate with his size.
The thing is every type of skate has its own series of corresponding sizes.

Type A is available in size 1,2,3,4,5
Type B is available in size 6,7,8,9,10
Type C is available in size 4,5,6,7

How can I use the choice component reading from the sizes tab but only show the sizes corresponding to the Type of choice? So when selecting Type A only get to choose from 1,2,3,4,5?

Or am I looking in the wrong direction?

My first thought is to filter by screen values. How is the data in your sizes table structured? Do you have a column for type and a column for size?

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I am sketching so I can change the data in the way it best.
Right now in the sizes table I have a column for size and a column for every type where i say TRUE if available.

If it was me, I would have a type column and a size column, and then fill the table with every possible combination. (That would also give you the option to eliminate the Type table altogether, because a choice component pointed to the type column in the size table would eliminate any duplicate values.) Then it would be as simple as filtering the size choice component based on the screen value of the chosen type in the type choice component.

An alternative would be to create a column with a comma delimited list of Types in the Sizes table. Then you would still set a filter in the size choice component to filter where the screen value of the chosen type is included in the delimited list of types in the sizes table.

Good idea!
Now I am at the next problem, I don’t see the option to filter via choosing a screen value / column.
It will be my fault, but do you have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Your screen looks pretty squished. There should be three dots to open a menu for your enter value section. I would play around with your zoom levels.


This is just what Glide does on my Powerbook 15 inch, not something I choose, but thanks! I’ll have a look!

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Mmmm typical, I had selected the wrong column …

Thanks for your time @Jeff_Hager

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