Support Required - Use case in detail

Dear Team,

I have a use case like below…

  1. I have 10 fruits
  2. Each fruit has 15 types.
  3. Now 10 fruits are in column A in google sheet
  4. Each fruit types are listed subsequently in B,C,D,…n columns in the same google sheet
  5. Now I have populated 10 fruits in a choice
  6. When a fruit is selected, I have to populate all its fruit types (15) in another choice

Can any one throw some light on how to achieve this.

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Manohar AKA Anum

Have only one column A for fruit and another column B for Fruit type.

So, the first fifteen entries in column A are the name of the first fruit, and in the second column next to it, are the names of the Fruit types for the first fruit.

Have another column C containing only the names of all the fruits.

So, now you can have a choice component “Select Fruit” for Fruits in which you keep the source as values from column C and let it store the selection in a column “Fruit Selection”
For the next choice component “Select Fruit Type”, keep the source as values from Column B and have a filter, Fruit (Column A) equals to the column to which the first choice component stores the value which is “Fruit Selection”. So, it will show only the types for the selected fruit in the previous choice component.

Hola @AnumR

You need to create a multiple relation and use it in your Choice component.

This example can help you


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Thanks gvalero