List on sheet + choice on glide

Hi everybody,
I would like to do this kind of things (photo) on the sheet (using list of names) and to have a choice menu on glide.
For 1 belt there are lot of skills. For each skill there are three way of work. I want the process automatic. When on glide we select a belt, the skills of this belt appear and when I select the skill and the level of success the type of course is active …

I know that I have to use complex formulas but I don’t know how to do … Can you help me please ?

Did you need the choices all on the same screen? If not, you could just use multiple relations (inline lists) within inline lists that eventually lead to the course content.

Yes, I need it on the same screen (photo)

@Jeff, did i read somewhere that choice components can now populate with arraycolumn data?

You can use a relation for a choice component source. I think this should work. A new sheet would be needed to hold the choice values. It can be created with a single column that can be anything. In the Glide data editor, create three new columns to hold the choices and set them to ‘user specific’. Create the first choice component that will use the Belts sheet as the source. The first column will hold the chosen belt value. Now create a relation column to link to first column value to the Belts in the Skills sheet. Use the relation as the source for the second choice component and store the chosen value in the second column. Create a relation that uses the second Skill column to link to the Step sheet. Use that relation for your third choice component source. Store the chosen step in the third column. Now create a final relation that uses the third column to link to the the same step sheet. Display that relation in an inline list with a link action. Hopefully this mostly works. Unless your links are in a fourth sheet, then the final relation would point to the fourth sheet instead of the steps sheet.

Ok. Thanks.

So If I understand well, with this action I won’t use the choice menu on glide app ?
For me it was a good and esthetic solution …

Here we go again! :slight_smile:

There are 2 pills for that headache as example so far:

The Jeff’s one here

And mine with Dynamic Choices using Relations, you can see it


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What I wrote above mentioned the choice component several times, so yes it does use the choice menu. It should give you almost exactly what your screen shows. @gvalero’s example should be pretty similar.

On a side note, there might be some visibility issues to work through where the stored value from the last choice will still hold, even with the first choice being changed. This could be dealt with using a series of visibility conditions, or using templates that join the Belts/Skills/Steps and that is used for relations. It would give a better result, but would be more work.