Use Google Data Validation Drop Down List in Glide App

How can I use the drop down list created in my google sheet in the glide app? Is there a way I can use that data validation drop down list created in the google sheet in the glide app using the choice component. Another thing to note would be my choices are in row format and not column format in the lookup sheet that the drop down refers to. So I don’t know how to fetch it if I use a different source.

I believe choice values can only be sourced from a column or a relation, either way you should structure it in multiple rows for it to work.

Glide can not read data from your data validation, just make a sheet called “Choices”, have columns of your choice values and put all possible values in there, then choose the right column for your choice components.

But the issue is that for each user the choices are calculated depending on his input and they are all numerical calculations. So is it possible for me to make different columns for each user and then display the choices for them in a way that it is user specific. Like how should I build the relation between the column of choice to be displayed and the user of the app?

How many choices value are you having for each user and can you go into more details about how they are calculated for each specific user?

There are around 12 choices for each user and the calculations for these choices are down in a different sheet which refers to another sheet. And for each user these choices will be different depending on their profile

Sounds like if you need to do those for each user, there must be a user-specific column in your process, then combined with some math columns and a filter on the choice component values? Without knowing your full flow to derive the list of choices those are my thoughts.

Okay so I have added two images to take as example.
Now Let’s say the “Sheet 1” containing the columns Email , Calculated Choice A, Calculated Choice B is connected to the display/frontend of the user app.
And the sheet “Calculated Choice A” is the sheet where I have all the choices to be displayed for the user according to their email addresses. So how do I design my choice component such that glide looks up the email address of the user and gives him a selection of particular choices available specifically to him?

If you want “1, 2, 3, 4” to be available for mail 1 and “5, 6, 7, 8” to be available for mail 2 then the structure should be.

Email || Value
Mail 1 || 1
Mail 1 || 2
Mail 1 || 3
Mail 1 || 4
Mail 2 || 5
Mail 2 || 6
Mail 2 || 7
Mail 2 || 8

Then you point your choice component to the value column, filter by email column is signed-in user. Email is just an example here, you can change it to another characteristic of the signed-in user.

Thanks a lot!!