Does Glide honor the Data Validations I've configured in Google Sheets?

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I am wondering if when I set a column in my spreadsheet to contain a data validation (i.e. there’s a pre-defined list of allowed values) the app will pick it up? (i.e. the user creating the record through the app will see the options as a drop-down or similar to check or select?)


No, sorry, Glide is not aware of those.

For only allowing an item from a predefined list, you can use the Choice component.

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Hi David. Is there a larger description of what spreadsheet attributes (such as validation) that Glide is/is not aware of and is there any under-the-hood detail available that would be of help for an app developer to understand to more fully take advantage of Glide capability?
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Glide simply reads the connected spreadsheet and it’s structured data.

If you allow direct entry onto a sheet by other users (so it updates in the app automatically) then you need to optimise that as an entry format too… which may data validation is done at both the sheet and glide app layers.

Things do get a little more cloudy when you start building relations, templates, if—>then—>else (etc) operations on Glide though.

So to answer your query @John_McNulty, consider the data and basic structure across the sheet as the only real attributes you need to worry about… like a simple database.

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Thank you Paul!

Seems like a fine place to ask this question:
When copying an app and its associated spreadsheet, does the data validation in the spreadsheet transfer over too? I thought it would, but I’m seeing that it might not now.

I ask because I’m creating some how-to guides for co-workers to copy my template and spreadsheet. Someone recently tried to and what I wrote (using the data validation and drop down boxes) turns out to be inaccurate with the newly created spreadsheet.

Just wanting to know so I can make sure to adjust my Glide-guide appropriately.

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Hi @RedHeadKev, data validation and cell styling will not carry over from your Google sheet to your Glide app.

Can you try duplicating a sheet yourself and let us know? I was expecting it to be transferred to be honest.

Interesting Find: Yes and No.

So I have two glide accounts (work and personal) and I copied my app to both accounts. On my work on, where this app was originally made (which has GSuite with my company) the data validation copied over. On my personal gmail account it did not. I had a co-worker point out this lack of data validation so I don’t think it has to do with the GSuite but somehow has to do with my gmail account; whatever it is the fact that it isn’t consistent surprises me.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why data validation may or may not copy with a copied app? Is it a glitch or is it supposed to not work? If the latter, could that be submitted to features requests?


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My formatting transfers with a copy of an app; is that what you mean by cell styling? I had some functions highlighted in a different color (actual formatting, not conditional formatting) and they came into my new copy on the two different tests I tried.

Hi @RedHeadKev, that’s super interesting. When I tried months ago, in May or June I believe, cell formatting in Google Sheets (such as font type, size, strikethrough, underline …), whether direct formatting or conditional formatting, did not carry over to the Glide builder. I must have missed a thread about the change if there was one, my apologies.

I’m sure others can chime in to share their experience.

In the spirit of Glide, I see Google Sheets as a database of tables only, I use the GDE (Glide Data Editor) as much as I can to avoid using Google Sheets and I style in the builder (with native components). That’s my approach and for long term stability of an app, I would avoid styling/formatting in Google Sheets, even it carries over. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. Good thoughts on the data editor!

Is there a Data Validation type function in Glide to prevent duplicate entries? For example, each user needs to create and enter a unique username. Thank you.

There is minimal data entry validation available with Glide inputs. For example, an email entry component will check for a valid email address format. And there are probably one or two others. But none are configurable, as far as I’m aware.

In terms of preventing duplicate entries, there are techniques that can be applied. One way is to write the input temporarily to a user-specific column, and create a relation between that column and the destination column. If that relation is not empty (means the new entry would create a duplicate), then don’t allow it.

Edit: Actually, there is at least one that is configurable. Text entry allows you to specify the min/max number of characters. But of course, that doesn’t help with preventing duplicates :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Darren

Is there a way to prevent duplicate entries, rows from being created ?
Any local data validation during data entry ?

Here is an example of a technique for preventing duplicate entries: