Questions about export glide to google sheet

Hello, it’s me again:)
I have 3 questions:
Is possible to export/synchronize data from glide table to google sheet?
Can i use filter to see only the information specific to a situations? For example i have a table where my employee introduce information about them and i want to apply a filter(same as google sheet) to see the information about one specific person.
Is possible to use data validation(like google sheet) in glide table?

Yes. You can do it manually by using the export function from the Data Editor, or it could be automated using the Glide API.


Not in the same way as you would in a Google Sheet, but you have various validation options available with Glide forms, and it is possible to create more advanced validation logic with custom forms.


I would say yes, no, maybe. If the data is in a Glide Table, to get it in a Google Sheet you need to get it there somehow. Either it’s done manually by a user using actions, or manually by you with a CSV export, or with the Glide API. But really, I don’t think it’s advisable to have duplicate data in your application. Glide Tables and Google Sheets are two different sources of data, and a given set of data “should” be in one source or another, not duplicated. Unless you have a terribly good reason to do so. If you absolutely need data in Google Sheets, then leave the data in Google Sheets.

In Glide, the in-app filter, collection filter or custom filter is generally applied at the layout level. You can also apply filtering at the data level with the query column. I would recommend you apply filters at the layout level.

There is no data validation in Glide’s Data Editor like the one in Google Sheets. In the Layout Editor, by using a choice component, you can however limit which data will be written to a cell. It’s a type of data validation but it isn’t presented the same way as in the Google Sheets.


Can you show me an example for data validation, please?

Basic data validation is available with Glide Forms, when data is added to your App.

Examples include:

  • you can make inputs required
  • you can set the minimum and maximum allowed values for number entries
  • you can set the maximum length of text inputs
  • you can restrict input from a fixed list of options with a choice component
  • you can restrict date inputs to certain ranges

More advanced data validation is possible, however that requires the use of custom forms, and describing the data validation logic inside the Glide Data Editor.


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