Show data in glide sheets

How can I have data sitting in glide sheet show in google sheets as well for the sake of manipulating it with sheet formulae? e.g import range and filter to another sheet using filter criteria computed by and stored in glide sheets

You cannot.

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You must find a way to transfer that data to Google Sheets (let’s say using an add row action), and potentially delete the Glide Table you currently have.

However, what’s your ultimate goal of using sheet formula?

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Ok…I have an app whose goal is to basically create lists of inputs per user project, the process involves getting data from another sheet and calculate the final list.

I intend to filter this data at the import stage according to how long the project list was created as the Lists have an expiry date based on their date of creation.

I hope it makes sense

Without seeing the full data structure, which step of this do you think can’t be built in Glide at all?

Ok, firstly the final and most important step. this I managed to achieve in sheets by using an array lookup formula

Secondly, to perform a sumif operation for the final sheet with multiple criteria across different sheets so that I can compute important figures of my lists

Sounds like your array lookup can be replaced by a relation - lookup in Glide, and your sumif can be replaced by a series of lookups to bring over data from different sheets, then an If Then Else column > Math column to wrap it?

@david Do you plan to make Glide Sheet a source for Google Data Studio? I saw Airtable in there and was curious if this was something Glide plans to do.


No plans, but cool idea!


Ok, let me give you the full picture of my situation…

I got help from some community on how to do the look-up and exactly how I wanted the google sheets to work. If it’s not a big ask, kindly follow this link and see how the issue was solved from a google sheets approach and perhaps you would better understand the scenario and how it can be tackled from a glide sheets approach.

Here is the link;
How to Stack / Append named ranges - Google Docs Editors Community

That being said I’d also like to suggest to @david that glide documentations can also give an alternative to google sheets formulae etc as I am of the opinion that more people are familiar with google sheets/excel

By this, I mean literally showing how a glide beginner would perform the common google sheets formulae like sumif, countif, if statements with calculations etc

The topics can actually be titled something like HOW TO COUTIF IN GLIDE or like some typical google sheet formula tutorials one would find on youtube

That would definitely make some of us understand and appreciate glide sheets better