Relation to another sheet?

In google sheets you can display info from one sheet to another by using this formula ( =‘tab1’!A1 ) for example. Then running that in sequence like this ( =‘tab1’!A1 ) , ( =‘tab1’!A2 ) , ( =‘tab1’!A3 ) for instance, I could display the results from an entire column on another sheet.

How do I replicate that in Glide’s Data?

First, I just want to mention that you can do ranges for your existing formula. Something like =‘tab1’!A1:Z instead of having to specify each individual column. May you already know, but just want to mention it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can build a sheet dynamically within glide. I would love to do that as well, because I have a sheet that’s built from UNIQUE and QUERY formulas in the google sheet. I think the only possible way would be to set up a bunch of combo actions to write to multiple sheets or update multiple sheets at once, but that would be a lot of work. What’s your specific use case for something like this?

I don’t know if I understood well what you want to do but you can use in google sheet a VLOOKUP + ARRAYFORMULA do “generate” the same content from sheet 1 to sheet 2. The good part with the Arrayformula is to automatically add data in Sheet 2 every time the sheet 1 has a data entry.

Like this formula to put in the first row of your sheet 2 =ArrayFormula(IFNA(VLOOKUP(A1:A,Sheet 1!A:B,2,false),""))

In order to let Glide Apps works properly with this formula (array+ Vlookup) you need to remove all empty rows in sheet 2. If you don’t do that it is gonna generate mutliple empty rows in the Glide Apps data editor.

Hope it helps and fit your needs

I have one Tab built in Glide for people to submit their rating for an item. I want there to be another tab to show their ratings without being able to edit it on that page as well. Basically its going to be a reviews option where they can see what they have rated certain items.

So there is on page to make the review of an item and another page (or tab/button in the app) to see all their reviews

Couldn’t you just set up the second tab to use the same sheet that already contains the ratings, but filter it to show only their own ratings? Maybe I need some screenshots to completely understand, but it seems to me like a duplicated sheet would be unnecessary.

Yes, this is exactly what I am after. I just havent figured out how to filter it to only show the ratings. Right now, it would still allow the rating to be edited.