Ability to add item to Google Sheet

My app’s URL: https://APMatchPlay.glideapp.io/

I created a sheet for data entry, my first initial entry worked just fine. However, after modifying user specific columns to be included (email and user name from the profile sheet), my data submissions would only be added to the glide table and not to the google sheet… any reason for this?

I need to perform some formulas within google sheets that I cannot do within the glide table.

Thank you!

Hola @J_Serap,

User-Specific information is recorded only on Glide Tables.

If you must have it on GSheets, you might have to use an add row action to send it to another tab that is linked to a Gsheets.

However if you let us know what calculations you are needing, I am sure some folks will be able to help you out.

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Thanks @SantiagoPerez,

My app is golf specific and I need a way to calculate and display scores. Right now in Gsheets, I perform a look up to find the course par score and compare it to the users score submitted. Then based on certain conditions the final out put will have different formatting conditions.

i.e. I calculate the overall score (80) of the golfer and compare it to the course par score (71). Based on if the golfer score is less than, equal or greater than, will dictate my final output for display. In my example it would 71(+9)

I can perform look ups and calculate the overall score, but I cannot perform the IF/THEN conditions with the glide lookup, calculate and associate a my final output.

another odd thing, is I have another app that does the same thing and submits data, including the signed in user with the form to my Gsheet.

Only difference is that I created a Gform initially and utilize that sheet to receive the data input instead of a normal Gsheet.

How about using a Form in your app? That way your user sends the info straight to the Gsheets. You can bring all the info you need with a relation and rollups.

You could make a complex enough if then else in glide to perform these actions. all your solutions through it would just need to read the location of the pars. each course would need to be a separate column though. But that would make sense since your rows should be user specific anyways.

I think you’ll find that you can do this.
I have an app that I use to run a Fantasy Golf Pool, and I need to do a very similar thing with player scores. In the GSheet I’ll have the “raw” score (say 69, or whatever), and I need to format it nicely for display in the app. I can do this using a combination of math, if-then-else and template columns.

It’s fiddly, but possible. Here is an example using your scenario:

  • Course Par and Score should be obvious
  • Prefix is an if-then-else column; + if over par, - if under par, blank if even par
  • ToPar is a math column, taking the absolute value of the score minus the course par
  • ToParC is another if-then-else column, that replaces any zeros with ‘E’
  • And finally, Display is a template column that stitches together Score, Prefix and ToParC

Thanks @Darren_Murphy! I ended up doing the same thing late last night. I’ve been refactoring my data sheets.

I’m making a Ryder Cup tournament app for a Bandon Dunes golf trip and wanted to cleanly display the results. I had the same solution you did with the exception of replacing the ‘0’ with ‘E’.

Thanks again for the response!

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Have you found an actual database of heat maps for your courses yet?

@Drearystate I haven’t quite yet, but considering for my next iteration of the app. Currently, my app allows golfers to enter their course scores (I was tired of doing this last year manually), view rankings, view match results per round played and overall points earned per team. Here are a couple screen shots of the UI. I’m planning on doing a show chase post to gather feedback.

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I found out what was going on with the other data submissions. Because I was using some formulas in GSheets to concat the display score and I dragged the formula further down the column of the sheet to help with future score, it pushed all new form submits to beyond the last cell the formula was applied.

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I had someone ask me tobuild an app for golfers and I finished building the swing calculator (not done in glide at all) where you just place the camera in view of your swing and it records your swing and shows you corrections. I got everything except a database of golf courses, heat maps, and 3d imagery. Client didn’t want ti without those 3 things…complete waste of time. Took me months of learning about golf and golf swings and watching professionals explain how to fix a golf swing to make a 3d wireframe follow the users swing path to determine weight distribution, angle, eye focus, follow through, hip rotation…that sucked.

The USGA has a course database here.
Unfortunately there is no API that I’m aware of, so extracting course information programatically would be quite painful.
I am aware of a handful of unpublished API’s that provide real time scores and course/player information - but only for courses that are used on the PGA Tour (I use these for my app).

I think you should use an arrayformula here, you are just concatenating different columns’ content right?