Add row to a diiferent sheet using data from this sheet

I have a job application app. It adds rows to Sheet 1 using a submit form with name address phone etc

When I hire them they need to be added to the roster sheet. This has a lot of the same data as Sheet 1 so I want to be able to have an Add to Roster function on the Sheet 1 App that adds a row to Sheet2 using specific fields from Sheet 1.

I also need

  1. the row added to Sheet 2 to have specific google sheet formulas in some columns. Is there a way to set a formula in a column with glide? Don’t really want to use Arrayformula as it will mean re-writing a large number of very complex formulae.
  2. Edit some of the fields in Sheet 2 before adding the row

Best solution I e used for this type of scenario is a form button to add a new row to one sheet and a on submit > add row action to add that same data to another sheet.

Don’t use Google sheet formulas here because they will not calculate in time to render a value in the second sheet. Better to do it all in Glide.