Is there a way for a form to add data to two sheets

I want to be able to take the inputs from a form and create a new data row in two separate sheets.

You would need a script to do so, triggering an action to copy the values you need to the new sheet when a new row is added in the original one.

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I know a lot has changed in Glide since July and I’m trying to catch up.
User will add a new Company to the companies sheet. Then I want to automatically add a new row to the Locations sheet, bringing in the company name and UID, and open that item to be edited (to add address, etc), then add a new row to the Profile sheet to add an employee of the company.
I think I can use compound actions for this but I’m not sure how.

You can use a compound action in your form and add rows in other sheet

Thank you. Yes, that’s what I’m trying to understand how to do

Take a look, you can copy the example

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Thank you, I appreciate your assistance.
Yes, I’m able to create a new row in the other sheet.
What action do you use to then open the details for the new row to edit it and add additional information?

You want edit information in Sheet 1 and replicated that changes in Sheet 2? or you only want edit information in Sheet 2?

Edit the row just added to sheet 2

You have to go manually to that record and edit it