I need some quick help!

Hi, I wonder about how do I make that when I add some text to a sheet through my app, that text appears in another sheet as well? Thanks

Have you tried =Arrayformula(sheet! A:Z)? That would bring the info from the other sheets to that one.


Or use a post-submit action to add a row to another sheet


From an performance and cost perspective, I wonder which method is best: copying on the Sheets side or pushing multiple times from the app. :thinking:

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My guess is that the method suggested by @V88 would be more efficient.

Method A (using arrayformula)

  • User submits
  • Row is added to original sheet
  • Glide pushes the change to the Google Sheet
  • Arrayformula kicks in, and row is duplicated in the 2nd sheet
  • Sheet data then needs to sync back to Glide…

Method B (using post-submit Add Row action)

  • User submits
  • Row is added to original sheet and second sheet at the same time
  • Glide (presumably) pushes both changes to the Google Sheet at the same time

I think I prefer Method B for 2 reasons:

  1. It avoids a having a formula in the Google Sheet
  2. The added data will be available in the app immediately

How do I make meathod B work? Idk how to like set it up or something. Thanks once again!!

It is possible to specify an action that will take place after a submit. Set this action to add a row to the sheet of your choice.


if the sheet is in the the same spreadsheets … use ={ 'that column !}
if in another spreadsheets… use =IMPORTRANGE()

It worked, THANKS!!!

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