Array formula in Google Sheet

Hey beautiful community,

I have a question regarding ArrayFormula in Google sheets. I use it to copy data from one sheet to another (the whole purpose of that formula) but I was wondering if it was possible to do the same within Glde. I have experienced a bug in google sheet today which I manage to resolve but just in case, I would like to know if I can do the same within Glide.
Any good tips?
Good bless :pray:t4:

how exacly you wanna copy data… becouse arrayformula is not the best tool for that… also what is the purpose of that copy?

The purpose is to extract information from the user sheet to create another sheet as a directory with only some of the user information.
I tried “add row” in a custom action but it copies the current user details.
The good thing about ArrayFormula iis that if informations in the user sheet are amended, it automatically updates the 2nd sheet.
But I expérienced a breech yesterday that wiped everything out. Hopefully it got solved but I need to think of another way to copy my data on 2 separate sheet and especially the row ID

The below might be of interest.