Add new row is clearing my Google Sheet formula

Adding a new row from Glide into my sheet is clearing the google sheet formula that I have pre-inputted into the row, is there a way around this?

Do you use an arrayformula and you’re writing to that same column?

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Hola @Jordan_Potts

Are you using an Array formula?

Also, do you really need that formula en your Gsheets? Can it be done on the math column?
What is that formula doing?

The formula i’m using is:
I did try using the Math column in glide but I think this is too complex for that
I am not using ArrayFormula

What’s the wrong value in your formula?

I understand that if column E is blanc or TRUNC((F2-E2)/7) > 6000 then return TRUNC(F2-E2)/7.

What if none of these conditions is true?

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That seems like a really simple formula. All you need is to put TRUNC((F-E)/7) in a math column and point F and E to the correct columns. Then create an IF Column to compare that math value to 6000 and return whatever you need.