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I am encountering a problem. I created formulas in my googlesheet. But when I fill a form in the glide application, the form data goes below the line while I want it to be placed in the line where the formula is located. There is a solution ?


If you can perform the math with the glide math column, that will be much easier.


Hello sir,

can you tell me how we do the calculation in glide.


Use the math column, Create expression and define the variables with columns you want.

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What calculation do you want to make, is it just a sum of multiple columns? If so you can make a math column and do the things as @SP_007 said above.

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But this is where I run into the problem, I don’t know what expression to create for the creation of the column.

You go to the Editor, create a new column and choose the “Math” type.

In the “Expression” part, type in whatever you need to calculate. Let’s say:

Quantity1 + Quantity2 + Quantity3

Then below that for the replace part, point the “Quantity1” to its column, same for the other variables.

Thanks Jeff-This was very helpful!

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If you have further questions about that Arrayformula post feel free to tell me. I have written about Query as well but make sure you get Arrayformula first and simplify your sheets.

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