Google Sheets Formula Carry Down

I have an app that incorporates about 20 columns (each a formula) for each new row. I want to enable users to add a new entry in column A to the sheet and have the formulas carry down. However, I have yet to find a simple way to do this.

When a new entry is added, it does not carry down the formula. If I leave column A blank and prepopulate the formula columns, Glide entry comes in after the prepopulated rows.

Any help would be appreciated - in particular one that does not force me to reconfigure the entire app. I think this can be done with a second sheet but worry about reconfiguring the entire app.

I should add the the formulas are based on stock market data so I need to ensure I do not break the ability for the sheet to auto refresh (this is a pro account).

I would recommend learning about arrayformulas. But if possible, my higher recommendation would be to attempt to built the logic using glide columns in the data editor. It much easier and the app responds much faster than waiting for data to sync to the sheet, update with a formula, then sync back to the app. Glide columns update instantly on the user’s device.


Can we know more about the formulas you’re trying to use here? Probably we can find a way for you to have it inside Glide.


The formulas almost all call one of the Google sheets built in stock market functions. For that reason I do not think the glide calculation columns will work, or am I wrong?

Do you use GoogleFinance?


I think it’s best you use a Script to help with this because GoogleFinance doesn’t work with formulas. You can check out the post Jeff linked above, I did include a script there.

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hi there, i have issue with a formula.i have a quantity column, a price column and a subtotal column.i used this formula in subtotal column =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(A2:A),A2:A*B2:B,""))
and it works perferctly but only when price column format is number ,when i change to currency it doesnt work. any solution?