Retaining the dropdown in the spreadsheet

There are a few heavily used spreadsheets in my company that I’m trying to convert to Glide apps. The team is familiar with the spreadsheets and while they like the app, they would still like to continue using the spreadsheets as well.

One of the things they complained about was that when a cell is updated via the Glide app dropdown, the value gets updated in the spreadsheet but the updated cell loses its data validation (dropdown) in the spreadsheet. Anyone directly using the spreadsheet later would not have a dropdown to choose from.

It would be great if Glide could allow the data validation inside the spreadsheet to be retained. Like do a Copy-Paste Special (Values Only) instead of a Copy-Paste.

This would be of significant help to Glide evangelists like myself who are pushing their teams to adopt the app.

Please let me know if this is possible at all.